Using Video To Help Launch Your Product / Service

Robert Scoble has posted a nice behind-the-scenes interview with two of the people behind Transvideo Studios, producers of many of those intro/explanation videos that you’ve seen on countless websites.

Transvideo has been involved with producing short online videos for many years. Since they’re based in Silicon Valley, they’ve seen an explosion in interest as more and more tech companies see the benefit of producing a short, sharp and snappy description/advertising video to host on their website.

The interview gives a great introduction to the process of producing a video – the planning stages, design, production, motion graphics – and other considerations such as the use of voiceover talent and background music.

Watching the interview, I could relate much with what KEXINO does with online video production. I could especially relate to the comment that customers often come back to ask for help with other collateral – website design, branding – even the design of the company or product logo! Having a third-party, who’s been educated about your company and business value offering, allows the flow of ideas and perspectives that – most likely – hadn’t been considered before. Ultimately, it can help a company better focus their marketing. We’ve seen this time and again with our own clients.

But the use of online videos as part of a company’s marketing mix shouldn’t be thought of as only relevant to Web 2.0 companies trying to be the next Twitter, FourSquare or Groupon while waiting to be acquired for millions – or going public for billions. No matter what your product or service, having a short online video on your website not only attracts visitors – it keeps them on your site for longer. More than that, web visitors are getting more and more accustomed to seeing an explanation video on a website – almost to the point of (in some industries) expecting it.

One final point: In the interview, Transvideo mention that their pricing for producing a 90-second video for a new client is in excess of $20,000. I don’t think I’d be talking out of school if I told you that our starting prices are a lot less than that! Contact us if you’d like to have a chat about it.


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